Technical Assitance

Controlling flatness
Technical assistance staff, in their ship inspections raise anodes to measure and control flatness.

Controlling the corrosion rate
Corrosion control is conducted annually throughout the useful life of the anodes, maintaining a record that is shared with the client for an improved EW process.

Controlling voltage drops
Voltage drops between intercell bars and anodes are measured to verify a good level of contact between the two, as well as measuring voltage drops between bars and anode plates to check the quality of the joint.

Ongoing visual inspections are conducted of the anodes operating in the ship to detect possible anomalies or to make improvements in their use.

  • Improve the stability of EW processes.
  • Reduce the frequency of failures in your plant.
  • Ensure the correct installation of our products.
  • Optimize the performance of our products by conducting periodic maintenance.