Products/IC Anode / Injection Coating / for Copper Electrowinning

IC anode (injection coating), with a highly impermeable bar. The IC anode is a standard INPPAMET anode and represents a system for bar and soldering protection consisting basically of a copper coating with a Pb-Ag alloy film (the more easily corroded tin has been eliminated), a soldering combination of Pb – Sb and Pb – Bi to avoid tensions, and an injection coating, completely homogeneous and without porosity.


Injected Pb/Sb mantle alloy, dense and without porosity
Initial surface coating of casted Pb-Ag alloy
Pb/Ag, Pb/Bi filling alloy (light)
Continuous interface
Soldering alloy, without tin


Improved conductivity, elimination of deformities in the bar-anode plate joint and elimination of the risk of detaching. IC (Injection Coating) anode – highly impermeable barrier

The IC anode is one of the major successes of our company, constituting a standard for energy savings, operational safety and environmental responsibility..